Best Gaming Desk Black Friday Deals 2022

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If you’re looking for the best gaming desks to bag this Black Friday then look no further, we’ve got a smashing list for you to choose the perfect desk to slot into your gaming home set-up. From L-shapes to extendable lengths to even one with tons of built-in storage, check out our full list down below to pick which gaming desk is best for you.

If you are like me and have a dark-wood décor in your office, then this is the perfect desk to match your interior but equally give you tons of space for monitors, laptops, and desk essentials. Ergonomic Chair Computer

Best Gaming Desk Black Friday Deals 2022

Perfect for at-home working and an epic gaming set-up with 260cm (102 inches) of length space and 29.5 inches tall, the Mr IRONSTONE desk has a lovely stained dark oak wood top with black metal, easy to tie into any office décor.

With anti-skidding, anti-scratch and easy-to-clean wood, the sturdy metal frames are 1.2 inches by 0.6 inches, giving it strong bars to hold multi-monitor set-ups.

Alongside the great shape and design, the L-shape desk comes with a laptop or monitor stand, saving you time and money buying a separate one yourself.

The Mr IRONSTONE L-shaped gaming desk is now available via Amazon for $109.99, a 21% Black Friday discount.

If you want size, simplicity, and storage, then this is the desk for you. Available in three colours, black, white and stained dark wood, the 47-inch desk comes with a monitor stand across the whole top side of the desk, allowing multiple monitors to be placed.

With two 17.5-inch-deep drawers, it gives any gamer enough space to store headsets, microphones, graphic cards, external hard drives, the lot.

Rated highly for being easy to assemble, the desk also comes with a handy PC storage space with a small area above to store any additional items, such as wires or easily accessible equipment.

The ODK desk is available on Amazon now at $119.99, a 33% Black Friday discount.

Every gamer is obsessed with LED lights, but they're even better when they are built into your desk. The 55-inch RGB LED I-shaped gaming desk is built to make you look damn cool when you show off your gaming set-up.

With 6 changeable light colours, the optical core material ensures the lights are high-strength, minimising any breakage or deformation for long-lasting high quality.

The desk has a sleek carbon fibre texture, with the desk divided into multiple segments, making it really easy to transport and move around. The I-shaped desk also comes with two 50mm gaming-style cable grommets, premium rubber locking collars and height-adjusting feet, making it easy for you to sit comfortably for long periods of time.

But that’s not all - the desk also comes with a Eureka mouse pad, a game controller rack with four USB charging ports, a cup holder and a double headset hook to lock under the desk, allowing headsets to hang safely.

With a 5-year warranty, the Eureka LED Gaming desk is now available on Amazon for $212.49, a 29% Black Friday discount.

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Best Gaming Desk Black Friday Deals 2022

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